Climate Change Will Affect Billions Of People

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Scientists have made very disappointing forecast for the inhabitants of the Earth. Some billions people can be lost as a result of political chaos and massive migrations caused by climate change.

The group of defenders of peace International Alert has come to conclusion that soil erosion, World Ocean level rise, deglaciation and strengthening of storm caused by climate change will lead to new flares of military actions and social shocks in a greater part of Africa, Asia and South America.

By the way, the Europe is also in a hazard area. The Mediterranean becomes too hot for spending holidays. Snow and ice from the Alps will disappear, that will lead to huge economic consequences.

However the worst is that the majority of the states will be influenced by deficiency of resources and lack of stability and it will prevent them from coping with climate change.

Many countries will lack of ground and water. They will suffer impact of more and more storms in conditions of absence of a government that would be effective enough to provide acceptable of necessary measures. People will be organizing in groups of self-defense, collisions will begin.

The Australian Sydney is threatened with the real apocalypse. Climatic calculations predict significant growth of death rate from heat, devastating forest fires and huge waves which will wash out sea beaches and destroy houses.

In their report "The climate of the conflict» researchers have not forgotten Russia. The control of Moscow over Russia as a whole will not be lost; reduction of areas under crops in some regions will lead to local revolts like what can you observe today in the Chechen Republic.

It is considered, that the majority of the European countries are stable enough nowadays to cope with climate change. The Balkan countries make an exception. Political conditions in such countries as Serbia and Montenegro, as a result of wars has worsened. As temperatures will grow, and quantity of the soil, suitable for farming, will reduce, the overpopulation will lead to violence which authorities are unable to get in control.

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Climate Change Will Affect Billions Of People

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This article was published on 2010/04/04