The role of fighting climate change in Gdp Growth

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According to a wily politician, global warming and global terrorism are two worlds at the moves, said a wily politician. Thinkers and strategists of the world also said that "Both need to be fought and defeated for the survival of human beings,". However, the global thinker and Noble laureate R K Pachauri today suggested that fighting climate change would accelerate GDP growth rate. Pachauri also had an unexpected support from Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, who is not known for non political propaganda or action.


At a function of a climate change in the national capital, Chairman of 'The Energy Resource of India' (TERI) said, "Climate change is unequivocal and average increase in global temperature (0.0714 C) per decade does not seem threatening but even its simplest analysis showed its devastating magnitude"



He said that the climate change appear quite subtle from outside but when deciphered and understood, its quite large and should cause alarm on the account of global warming. Eleven of the last 12 years are the hottest in the history of mankind, he pointed out. Pachauri also stressed on the need to link nature or climate with economic growth. This idea was picked up by Gujarat Chief Minister who said that by linking nature with growth strategy Gujarat has attended the present level of development.


Modi attributed revival of agriculture and sustain growth of industry and organisation to the measures to fight climate change like the rain water harvesting, bio gas, inter linking of river, a forestation and use of alternate energy measures.



Presence of Nobel laureate Pachauri and Modi at one platform was surprising and even more surprising is the union of their tone and languages. They were clamoring for fight against climate change and global warming. This itself is a proof that how serious is the problem of global and climate change and how it has brought people of contrasting genere together. Both advocated fighting climate for better and sustaining GDP for further generation.



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The role of fighting climate change in Gdp Growth

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This article was published on 2010/03/18
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