To Do Something To Prevent Global Climate Change

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We all know the hot list of the world nowadays are Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Crisis, Pollution and Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases. However, in an Online Think Tank you just never know what the Topic of the Day might be. So maybe as more and more people led by the media are discussing this issue well so will we?


Recently we discussed this subject in great detail and one Think Tanker came up with a most intriguing question; Can We Instill Moral Sensibility into the Masses to Prevent Global Climate Change?


Of course this assumes that mankind is causing climate change and we can do something about it. Moral Sensibility is a heavy notion and will the masses actually adopt such a stance personally to clean the air and water and remain a low-impact on the environment?


Are the populations of the world morally sensible, as all too often exert our morals over other cultures without understanding that one size doesn't fit all. As a Founder of a franchising company, in franchising you learn this lesson first as you see the need for flexibility in regional variation. As what works in here, does not work their, forcing the square peg serves no one.


Isaac Asimov could have told us that? But history has also shown us this and yet doom is not going into hibernation anytime soon; fore if we fail to understand such history we are indeed doomed to repeat. We need to stop linear thought and come up with rational solutions, which will work. Perhaps our leaders need to use the Human Knowledge MindMap to better come up with the answers that fit the problem;


Meanwhile maybe you have the answers to solving the issues which plague mankind as well. If so, do let us all know and speak up and live a carbon free life your self. I hope this article propels thought in 2007.


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To Do Something To Prevent Global Climate Change

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This article was published on 2010/05/27