Understanding Climate Change

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Mention climate change and many people will tell you it has a lot to do with the weather but in actuality climate change is more than that. From carbon offsetting, to handling of waste to sustainability of the planet, climate change has a great impact on each of us. Those who take the time to understand true climate change and some of the influencers that cause such change are often surprised to find just how great of an impact exists from the climate, what impact that climate can have on each of us and the actions that can be taken in a group effort to ensure a positive climate change for the future.

The climate or environment is the atmosphere surrounding you wherever you are, whether it is your home or office or anywhere else. Global climate change is of the utmost concern and has come around as a result of things like energy consumption, the production of carbon, the increasing number of cars on the road and so on and we need to continue to promote renewable energy schemes and public policy lobbying for these efforts if we are to reverse some of the damage already done. As you may know, the more outlets that are powered by renewable energy, the more energy consumption can continue to be cut. Reducing gas and electricity consumption and utilizing renewable energy instead can only be good news for the natural environment.

Carbon offsetting is an initiative aimed to reduce the amount of carbon being left to poison the earth and includes things like planting trees which absorb carbon. This is only applicable to carbon emissions caused by airplanes but vehicles and other types of equipment also have carbon emissions that can affect and change your mood if you are repeatedly exposed to them. For this reason, changes made to reduce carbon emissions are increasingly important and are becoming the focus of many carbon offsetting initiatives.

Another area in which climate change can be negative is by the use of toxic fuels that are extracted from sources such as oil. These toxic fuels can cause major harm to the climate if left uncontrolled. Fortunately, a sound understanding of how climate change happens paves the way to being an informed energy user as well as to someone who makes sound choices that help to promote positive rather than negative climate change. There are many climate change charities and organizations working full time towards efforts to produce positive and lasting change through these initiatives so there are always resources and events for those who want to, to get involved in.

Learn all the facts about climate change online and see how you can get involved in everything from reducing your carbon footprint to helping to eliminate global poverty.

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Understanding Climate Change

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This article was published on 2010/10/01
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