Why You Should Be Concerned With Climate Change

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You may have already heard about the Renewable Energy Association's Pioneer Award or the Business in the Community's Climate Change Award or the European Business Award for the Environment. Perhaps you have already started to look for ways that you can take a positive approach to carbon offsetting and are actively converting your home or business to an establishment that has outlets which are powered by renewable energy and are helping to cut energy consumption. If you are one of the many who has already begun to make the moves to help create positive and lasting climate change, then you may already understand very well why you should be concerned with climate change.

Many people however are unaware of the role that they can play in climate change and how much they should be concerned with negative influences on the climate such as carbon emissions and toxic fuels. From school buses to aeroplanes to individual vehicles, there are many commercial motorized vehicles that create a damaging effect on the climate. Green initiatives that cut back and eliminate the use of toxic fuels and work to prevent the creation of tar sands and the like are part of efforts that are being supported by more and more people who are concerned about the rate of consumption of energy in the forms of electricity and gas.

The global environment has been challenged for a very long time with the continued waste of natural resources and introduction into the climate of other types of energy consumption that is depleting the earth's ability to effectively control the climate. Many years ago, there was talk about how aerosol cans were depleting the ozone and how that holes in the ozone could release harmful radiation into the earth's atmosphere. Since that time, concerns have been upgraded regarding the climate change on a global scale.

Reasons why you should be concerned about climate change include increases in natural disasters such as tornadoes, tidal waves, monsoon, tsunamis, hurricanes and the like due to global warming and that's why combating climate change is a very good for everyone. Taking an active part in climate change means you will better understand the seriousness of global warming and you will in turn become someone who can are someone who can help to reduce the negative effects that are happening around the world when it comes to climate change. Whether you organize a walking school bus or participate in biodiversity and carbon offsetting, you should be concerned with climate change because it's your planet too.

As part of corporate social responsibility, get involved in environmental awareness initiatives in your local area and help people to understand the importance of trying to turn around climate change.

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Why You Should Be Concerned With Climate Change

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This article was published on 2010/10/01
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